A Practical Guide to Getting your TAX Sh_t Together_Page_1.jpg

a practical guide to getting your tax sh*t together

So you’re a business owner now..woohoo! This guide is a great resource for getting you started with small business tax lingo and important filing deadlines.

A Practical Guide to Understanding your taxes.png

a practical guide to understanding your taxes

So you’re ready to get your tax sh*t together? Well this guide will help! Download for all things individual tax. From lingo, to important filing deadlines, and key information on deductions, deductions, deductions.

Year-end bookkeeping checklist_Page_1 smaller.png

no stress year-end bookkeeping checklist

A concise checklist to take the stress out of closing the books at year-end.

Tax prep checklist.jpg

no stress tax prep checklist

A comprehensive checklist to guide you through everything you need to gather for your personal income taxes before meeting with your accountant.