Clients we love.




My wife and I hired Laura to do our taxes about seven years ago. We now have a few businesses between us, some of them partnerships, so Laura has become more vital to our household finances than ever.

She helped us set up our corporations and structure them correctly — it was so easy! We might start a few more companies just because Laura makes it so effortless. Who’s got a good business idea?

Our favorite aspect of working with Laura is learning how to optimize retirement savings and deductible spending to reduce tax liability. And on top of the services we pay for, the advice and coaching that we get along the way has been priceless.

We recommend Laura to all our friends, especially the entrepreneurial ones.
— Michael, Ernst Everything

You really worked magic with this. I’m in awe. I didn’t expect such a clear, detailed, and strategic breakdown! I can’t believe you got that done in the amount of time we gave you, which was none.
— Chris & Becca

Our company worked with Narine very closely in the past 2 years. Narine was the lead in a few complicated projects and I can say that I was more than impressed by her abilities, professionalism and patience. We needed some of that for sure!
I believe that every company needs a strong CPA to guide it thru the complexity of financial transaction in today’s environment and I would recommend Narine to be that CPA.
— Jacob, Focus SUP Hawaii, Inc.

Laura has been the accounting back bone to our burgeoning Architecture firm. She consulted with our team as we began Aero Collective on how to organize the business, implement correct procedures and still helps with daily issues as we navigate our business through ever changing regulations. Laura is a consummate professional we really enjoy working with.
— Brion, Aero Collective

I had a regular accountant for years who was just on auto-pilot with my finances. He never made an effort to re-examine my financial situation to see if there were ways I could be doing/saving more.

When I decided to start a new business, I knew I needed to make a change. I was referred to CPA Collective by a friend and they’ve been great. They’ve been instrumental from the beginning, getting my LLC set up, tax filings done, general bookkeeping, payroll guidance, all of it.
— Brett, Bar Henry

In my opinion everyone needs a good accountant. It is a necessary component of building a sound financial plan. Laura is that for me. As an accountant she is professional, organized, timely, and extremely knowledgably. She will listen to your needs and plan accordingly. She explains everything in a way that is easy to understand and then gives you the option to choose what is best for you. She does all of this in a grounded, calm manner that makes you feel at ease. In fact, Laura is much more than just my accountant she is my trusted advisor and friend. I feel lucky to have found such a combination of traits in my accountant.
— Pratima